For more than 30 years Victor Midgley has studied and researched human psychology and the clues to success. These learnings and principles, Victor has organized into programs and has taught the lessons throughout his illustrious career as a call center / sales expert (considered a people expert). Victor Midgley conducts 1-on-1 meetings with clients to coach, mentor, advise, counsel, consult and teach.    

  • The Art of Compelling Conversation
  • Legendary Leadership
  • The Creative Paradigm

M9 Group is much more than counselors, we are willing to roll up our selves and do the physical work that helps our clients be successful. Although we are open to all opportunities, this is a list of some of the things we have experience with:  

  1. Negotiate Deals
  2. Manage Projects / Teams
  3. Strategic Planning
  4. Operation Reviews
  5. Conduct Focus Groups
  6. Oversee Mediation Sessions
  7. Vetting tech tools & process

Over the many years, we have done business with several reputable companies with a proven track record of providing superior service. The relationship we have developed with these firms positions M9 Group as a valuable resource to support our clients grow their business, career and income. We are very selective with who we do business with and who we refer business to. Whatever need our clients will have, it is very likely M9 Group has experience with a great resource. The value of trustworthy relationships is that the referral can also be trusted.