Victor Midgley, Founder / Sr. Advisor

Victor Midgley is an Author, Speaker and Consultant, advocating personal development and high level achievement. Victor attended the University of Utah and eanred a degree in Business Management and Consumer Science. While attending college Victor worked in a call center as a frontline agent. He quickly rose to leadership positions and held several Executive Leadership Positions including owning his own BPO Call Center. In 2002 Victor began his entrepreneurial career as a Call Center Consultant. He developed the skill of setting up world class call center faciities along with successful processes, which proved to be a valuable offering to companies all over the world. Victor’s claim to fame is teaching his program/system of compelling conversation and legendary leadership skills. Victor built his first million dollar business when he founded Intellx, a staffing agency for call centers. After a couple years Victor sold that business and his next successful business was Compass Call Centers, a BPO Call Center. He left that business to then start a Call Center Coaching and Training business. That venture was his most successful business undertaking and tenured project. Victor has made a name for himself as a “production specialist” particularly developing people. Victor has been credited for dramatically improving the productivity and progress of companies due to his special and unique instruction. Victor now gives his time as an advisor and instructor to Business Owners and Executives. Victor devotes his efforts to guiding people to a higher level of success and stress management techniques as well as incorporating principles that produce abundant success and happiness!      


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